Gluten free flours

We only mill organic flours.

The new organic special mix

From the continuous research and development of Antico Molino Rosso come the gluten-free organic flour blends of Spigabuona, ideal for a great many recipes.

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Organic Mix Flour bio for bread, pizza and cake

A new Gluten Free Organic blend with no chemical additives for making bread, pizza and pastry.

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and rice flour

Discover the properties and benefits of quinoa blended with organic rice flour to make your recipes even more nutritious.

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Organic Almonds and hazelnuts flour

Now Almonds and Hazelnuts join forces to give you unique flavor.

Organic gluten free flours

Farina di teff

Organic teff flours

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Organic sorghum flours

Farina bio di riso integrale

Organic rice flours

Farina quinoa bio

Organic quinoa flours


Organic mile flours

Farina grano saraceno

Organic buckwheat flours

Farina di riso spigabuona

White Organic rice flours

Farina bio di amaranto

Organic amaranth flours

Farina bio di Mais Fioretto

Organic mais flours


Farina di lenticchie

Organic lentils flours

All gluten free flours 5

Organic chickpeas flours