ciambella all'arancia senza glutine

A light and delicate, gluten-free cake with an intense orange aroma. A classic of Italian cuisine, perfect for breakfast! The orange zest as well as being rich in vitamin C will make your doughnut even more delicious and inviting.

A few simple ingredients that will make your doughnut really unique and tasty!

Follow the recipe for this fluffy, gluten-free doughnut with the Spigabuona Mix for Sweets, the gluten-free clean.

All Spigabuona flours are:

Follow the recipe of our Health Food Coach Vanessa Lorenzetti:



Mix all the flours, baking powder, salt and vanillin together (except if you use the pod, in which case the seeds go with the eggs). Beat the eggs with the sugar and orange peel for about 7-8 minutes, even more, until frothy and thick.

Add the seed oil and then, still whisking (it is very convenient to work with the planetary mixer, with the whisk at full speed, so you have your hands free), and then, still whisking, the yoghurt.

Then add the flour in one go and let the whips work (this time at minimum speed) for a few seconds, just enough time to let the ingredients mix well with each other and absorb the flour well. Pour the mixture into the soft silicone mould (well sprinkled with food release agent or well buttered and floured with rice flour), level and bake.

Bake 40 minutes at 175°C ventilated, already warm.

ciambella senza glutine


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